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Sell your interactive lessons on the TinyTap Market, and reach hundreds of thousands of students in over 120 countries around the world.

    50/50 Revenue Share

    The more people who play your activities, the more you earn.
    50% of the subscription revenue goes directly to the teachers whose activities were played. TinyTap uses the remaining 50% to continuously improve the creation platform, provide storage and measurable analytics.

    Promote your TinyTap Activities

    Get your activities the attention they deserve.
    Implement these 5 tips for promoting your TinyTap activities to make them stand out in the largest marketplace of interactive lessons.

    Family & Students Play for Free

    Automatic free access to your content for anyone in your network.
    Open free TinyTap sub-accounts for students or family members via. TinyTap Insights and grant them unlimited plays.

  • Build an audience

    Develop your professional brand and reach more followers
  • Connect with colleagues

    Add your name and expertise to an international network of educators
  • Turn a profit

    Earn revenue from existing lessons with an additional channel of distribution

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How do I request to sell my activities?

You can request to sell your activities from your iPad, Android tablet, or web browser.

How does the revenue share work?

Every subscription revenue will be divided only between the Premium content that each subscriber played that month. For example, if Subscriber Joe played Anna’s activities 4 times that month, and Brent’s activities 1 time, Anna will get 80% of the pot and Brent will get 20%. If Joe wasn’t interested in Caleb’s activities and didn’t play them at all, Caleb doesn’t earn any revenue from Joe’s subscription. Note that revenue is calculated after all fees have been paid to third-party platforms or partners, such as Apple & Google Play, and TinyTap's own operational and marketing costs.

Where can I see my sales?

Earnings are updated monthly and can be viewed on your seller dashboard. Note that revenue share is calculated and updated quarterly. Once amassed revenue reaches $100, TinyTap will pay it out to a seller's PayPal account.

Is there an advantage to promoting my TinyTap content on other channels?

Yes! Quite literally, the more subscribers who play your activities, the more you will earn. Plus, developing your brand, building a following, and promoting your portfolio on other channels is always important business practices.

What counts as a “play”?

A “play” is counted if a player starts your activity and plays until the end. Starting the activity counts as half a play, and playing through to the end counts as another half a play. For Pro sticker packs, the use of 5 stickers counts as 1 “play.”

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