My Life Skills Box Trusted Teacher

My Life Skills Box teaches your child the necessary skills for three very important environments: Everyday life skills – Activities such as Taking a shower, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and appropriate behavior in public and school environments. Social skills - your child will learn techniques as how to cope with different social situations and problem solving. Functional play – The child will learn how to use objects in order to play. My life skills box separates each activity making them easier to learn. This technique simplifies task analysis for the child. My Life Skills Box stimulates the child's imagination with the use of beautiful illustrations of main characters. By using familiar voices for the characters, it allows the child to connect and identify with the characters. This provides the following benefits: > Awareness that comes before the behavior. > Performing the behavior itself. > Internalization leading to independence. Age: 3-12. For children with special needs: children on the autistic spectrum (ASD, PDD), attention deficit (ADD, ADHD), developmental coordination disorder (DCD), apraxia, dyspraxia, mental retardation. Recommended for use with a therapist, parent, educator, or developmental professionals including clinicians, occupational therapists, speech therapists and behavioral analysts. Developed by Amira Ohana, Behavioral Analyst, specializes in autism, Daphna Sarusy, Graphic designer, mother of a child with special needs.

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