Sarah Marcum

My name is Sarah. Jesus is by far the #1 man in my life. Followed by my Daddy. I'm in Grad school at EKU. I can not wait to be a speech-language pathologist so I can change lives!My favorite things in life are sweet tea, kids that make me smile, going barefoot, and driving around with my windows down. I love to wear my cowboy boots, but I love to wear my heels too! I try to treat everybody how I want to be treated. Oh, I'm a pretty decent cook too! A product of being raised in the country. She knows her roots and works hard for her money. A southern draw with dark tan legs. Aint nothin' like a woman southern born and bred. Now she loves her mama, daddy, and the Lord to death. Acting innocent and playing hard to get With her girls tonight, man, they're out on the town. G.R.I.T.S. man, A Girl Raised In The South