Adelina Moura

Doctor in Educational Technology. Teacher at Portucalense University and Carlos Amarante High School. Author of several publications regarding the use of ICT in language teaching and learning processes. My latest research streamlines have been the use of mobile phones in Educational Contexts. Web 2.0 tools and resources for language teaching, and the use and implementation of mobile learning and emerging technologies as tools which help us transform, enrich and extend the learning experience. During the last years I have been working on teacher training courses addressed to language teachers (Portuguese as Foreign Language) and basically the usage of Web 2.0 tools and mobile tools Web 2.0, aimed at enhancing learning processes, including the use of Podcasting and SMS as tools to facilitate the acquisition of oral and communicative competences and to promote diversity in multicultural Europe. Currently I am working on different projects which concern mobile learning, such as the integration of QR Code in Shcool Library and SMS in School Administrative Communication. I'm the coordinator of the British Council Connecting Classrooms Project. At the same time, in the last years I have actively participated in seminars, round tables and conferences such as IADIS MOBILE CONFERENCE, MoLeNET CONFERENCE, IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, CHALLENGES, INTERNACIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER IN EDUCATION, TICEDUCA, THE WORLD COMPUTER CONGRESS