Danielle Lindner Trusted Teacher

Danielle Lindner combines her extensive work in education with a passion for authoring children’s books. Her collection of books blend enchanting characters and colorful rhymes with important prosocial themes that help children address everyday challenges. Danielle selects the subjects of each book based on the issues, challenges and questions that parents and students present to her and her teaching team every day. She develops each character with either a specific child she’s worked with or characteristics of many children she has taught over the years, writing in a poetic style that incorporates rhyme to capture a child’s interest and engages both the reader and the listener alike. Her books may tackle a difficult issue, however her light approach explores each subject in an easy & entertaining format. Danielle’s acclaimed books include titles such as “Sofia the Snail” The little snail that was afraid of the dark, “Arabelle,” The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses, “Rupert” the little puppy who ran out of tears, “Betsie Bee” the little bee who learned how to share and care, “Jaxie” a short story about a tall giraffe and “Koby” the little blue kangaroo who worried all day. Her books have also been made into a wonderful children’s television program that can currently be seen on Amazon Prime and the Children’s Television Network, a network specifically created for children’s hospitals and the well known Children’s Miracle Network.